What Is a Prop Trading Firm?

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A proprietary trading firm is a financial institution that offers trading capital to forex traders in return for a small profit share from the funded traders.

Prop trading firms provide profit opportunities with risk-free investment. Under the supervision of professionals, prop traders trade with the prop firm’s funded capital and earn unlimited profits.

Many novice and skilled traders lack enough capital to earn a living from trading. For them, a prop trading firm offers a great opportunity to earn the profit they desire without putting any hard-earned money at risk in the trading market, which is highly unpredictable.

That is why FundedNext is the best prop trading firm in the market that offers the largest profit share with its potentially skillful forex traders.

Benefits of Funded Trader Program

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Being funded traders for a prop trading firm, they can earn limitless profits from trading without risking their own money. Skilled traders must maintain a well-tested risk management strategy to ensure they generate the desired profits.

FundedNext offers a $200,000 funding cap and a $4 million scale-up plan to its traders. This funded trader programme shares up to 90% of the profit share to enhance the livelihood of the skilled FundedNext traders.

FundedNext is here to provide a comfortable environment for the traders to trade, aiming to earn the most profit they deserve.

What makes FundedNext Best Prop Trading Firm

Earn 15% Profit from The Beginning

The only prop firm to offer a 15% profit share from the start to reward promising traders for their skills and hard work.

Keep up to 90% of your profit

In order to recognize your skills & efforts, FundedNext is offering up to 90% profit sharing with the traders.

Reach $4M Account Balance

If you remain consistent & profitable, you will be eligible for a 40% increase in account balance every 4 months, all the way up to $4 million.

Get a Dedicated Account Manager

FundedNext designates an account manager for every trader so that you can get any of your queries answered in an instance, all day every day.

Why is FundedNext the Last Prop Firm You Will Ever Need?

FundedNext is the first proprietary firm in the prop trading industry that offers the most comfortable trading environment for its traders and the highest profit-sharing for its Funded Traders

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FundedNext is offering

  • Maximum $200,000 as the Initial Funding Capital
  • A $4 Million Scale Up Plan for Skilled Traders Who Are Consistently Making Profits
  • Instant Account Creation
  • 15% Profit Share During the Assessment Phase
  • Up To A 90% Profit Share With A Funded Account
  • Trader-Friendly Environment With A Dedicated Account Manager

How Do I Join FundedNext’s Prop Trading Firm Program?



Select Your Funding Model



Be Consistent & Prove Yourself


Get Funded

Become a Certified Funded Trader

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Choose and Trade

For the fastest way to reach your goal, choose your funding model and follow our trading rules.

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Pass the Assessment Phase

Each funded trader model has an assessment phase for you to prove your trading skills. Pass the phase and earn your funded account.

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Be a FundedNext Trader

Trade consistently and maintain your risk management. Because soon you will be eligible for a scale-up opportunity to get $4 million in funding capital.

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