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Assess Your Trading Skills with FundedNext: Trade up to $300,000 on a FundedNext Account and get rewarded up to 95% of the profits made.

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What Makes FundedNext Different?

15% Profit Sharing from Challenge Phase

FundedNext is the only firm to offer a 15% profit sharing from the profit you make during the challenge phases. This is to incentivize our top traders and to deliver on our promise of the world’s best reward bonuses.

No Time Limit on Challenge Phase

FundedNext offers no time limits in its challenge. This means that you can trade with complete peace of mind. No more anxiety to reach the profit target within a deadline.

Balance Based Drawdown

Experience the absolute freedom to trade with peace of mind at FundedNext. Our drawdown is intelligently calculated based on your balance, allowing you to hold trades tension-free. This commitment is part of our promise to be the world's most reliable firm.

Trade with MT4, MT5 & cTrader

At FundedNext, our traders use the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms for easy and safe trading. Our MQ licenses and advanced in-house technology ensure our traders operate with enhanced security and efficiency.

Challenge Types

We recommend you to go through all the models and pick a package that suits your trading style.

Challenge Type-1


Your goal in this model will be to prove your trading ability in 2 phases with very realistic profit targets. Once you achieve the targets, you will start trading on FundedNext Account with a 80% profit split. Enjoy a 90% profit share with the scale-up program at FundedNext, and boost it to an impressive 95% right from the beginning by choosing the exclusive add-on feature.

Achieve your profit goals in 5 days to go to the next phase faster. What's more, you can extend the profit share to 90% with exceptional performance.

Challenge Type-2


Your goal in this model will be to hit an ambitious profit target with no time limit. Once you achieve the target, you will start trading on FundedNext Account with a 60% profit split. The profit split percentage can be increased all the way up to 90% based on your performance. You can already boost it to an impressive 95% right from the beginning by choosing the exclusive add-on feature.

Enjoy up to 90% profit split with the FundedNext account upon reaching 25% account growth at any time, even within 10 trading days.

Challenge Type-3


In this model, the rules are simpler compared to other challenge types. Your goal is to hit a specific profit target with no time limit. Once achieved, you'll move to the FundedNext Account with an initial 80% profit share. Enjoy a 90% profit share with the scale-up program at FundedNext, and boost it to an impressive 95% right from the beginning by choosing the exclusive add-on feature.

Lower profit target, and no time limit, but minimal trading requirements to reach the next phase and achieve up to 90% profit split for getting a scale-up plan.

Choose the Best FundedNext Challenge

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No Denial, Guaranteed Rewards!

Get Paid in 24 Hours or We Pay $1000 Extra

Brand promise

At FundedNext, earn with the confidence that your reward is secure. Regardless of the outcome, once you're reward eligible, we honor your achievement. We respect your trading talent and promise to honor your achievements swiftly. With our 24-Hour reward Guarantee, your reward will be disbursed within 24 hours of your request. And if we ever miss the mark, we'll top up your reward with an extra $1000 as our commitment to you.

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Why Choose FundedNext

Explore the features that make FundedNext stand out.

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Profit Share From
Challenge Phase
15%(upto $7500)
FundedNext Account
Profit Share
Profit Target8%/5%
News Trading with
Profit Share
Free Trial with
Free Competitions
Swap Free Account
Account Reset Option
with Discount
One Step Challenge
24 Hours
Reward Promise
Maximum Capital
4 Million
Starting at$32 for 5k

Sustainability with FundedNext

Dedicated MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and cTrader platforms ensure traders can trade sustainably, comfortably, and with top-tier trading tools, and expert advisors on these renowned platforms. With our own MQ licenses and in-house technology, FundedNext traders are always on the safer side.



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See Why We Are the Right Partner for You

FundedNext aims to be the best partner for you. That is why we have carefully thought of each and every aspect of a trader’s journey with FundedNext. Here are a few points which set us apart.

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Get account access in seconds

With FundedNext, you do not have to wait hours to get access to your trading account. FundedNext Traders instantly get access to their trading account as soon as they complete the signup process.

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FundedNext Pro Support

Easily access our expert technical support team whenever you need assistance. The FundedNext Pro Support option is conveniently located on your dashboard for quick access. We are here to help whenever you require support.

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Fastest Reward

At FundedNext, we provide the fastest rewards with multiple options: Bank Transfer, Wise, Crypto, Perfect Money, Rise. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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Reset Topup

At FundedNext, we provide the opportunity to restart your trading journey, even if you have violated any rules. You can reset your trading balance at a discounted price with these options.

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Monthly Competition

Ready to test your trading mettle? Participate in our monthly contest, seize the opportunity to win cash rewards and unlock free accounts. Take the challenge, emerge victorious!

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Best Trading Condition

With our trading servers "GrowthNext" and "FundedNext," we lead the trading industry by offering faster execution, super raw spreads, and lowest commissions. Our commitment to providing the best trading conditions sets us apart as a top firm in the market.

Icons Around the World Support FundedNext

Global leaders are cheering for and supporting FundedNext! Now it is your turn to be a part of the best trading challenge


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