FundedNext Stellar Challenge

Most Trader-Friendly
Challenge in the Industry

Trade with no time limits and earn up to 95% profit split with the best challenge in the industry, the FundedNext Stellar Challenge. Designed with your flexibility and success in mind. Unlock endless trading possibilities!

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Stellar Challenge Rules

Find out the reasons why the Stellar Challenge is the best challenge out there!

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No Time Limit

Trade with no rush on our Stellar Challenges and execute your trading strategies at your own pace.

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Balance-based Drawdown

Experience absolute freedom and hold your trades tension-free with our drawdowns calculated on your balance.

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Fastest FundedNext Challenge

Get your FundedNext Accounts with only just 2 days of trading with Stellar 1-Step and 5 days of trading with Stellar 2-Step.

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Up to 95% Profit Share

Keep up to 95% of the profits you make with your FundedNext Stellar 1-Step and 2-Step Accounts.

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No Denial, Guaranteed Rewards!

Get Paid in 24 Hours or We Pay $1000 Extra

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At FundedNext, earn with the confidence that your reward is secure. Regardless of the outcome, once you're reward eligible, we honor your achievement. We respect your trading talent and promise to honor your achievements swiftly. With our 24-Hour reward Guarantee, your reward will be disbursed within 24 hours of your request. And if we ever miss the mark, we'll top up your reward with an extra $1000 as our commitment to you.

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